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Sent: Fri, Jun 6, 2014 01:04 PM

Subject: A thank you for JD


I hope this email finds its way to you.  You meet so many people you may not remember me but I sure remember you.  We met through a mutual friend, Bob G a few years back at your studio.  I was the young man more interested in your Bronco than art at the time.

Times have changed.  Since our meeting, you have inspired me to take an interest in art and maybe more importantly, Native American history.  I have looked at as many pictures of your artwork as I can find.  I have also read the book Spirit Walker, which led to further interest in the history portion.  I still marvel at the stories in the book, especially the story about Ashes to Dust.

I’m a long way from financially affording an original, but I have begun collecting prints with Wildcat, The Renegade, Act II.  I plan to invest in more.  And someday, an original.

Until then, I just wanted to say thank you.

Jim M

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Sent: Fri, December 5, 2014 2:18 pm

We have recently purchased a signed and numbered print of the painting "Roams the Plains No More". We are interested in the story it tells. We appreciate anything you can share or if you can direct us to a site where we can read the story of this painting.

We have become huge fans of New Mexico and JD Challenger's work.
Thank you, L

Hi L,
'Roams the Plains No More' is a reference to the Native Peoples losses in their battle to retain their homeland and their way of life. After they were allotted their reservations and were required to remain on them, they were no longer able to move to the mountains in the summer and the plains in the winter. Their whole way of life changed, and their traditional discourse with the land was greatly curtailed. Jd includes much of this kind of sub-text within his paintings, and this is his way of sharing his sorrow at the treatment of the natives.

Curt Vickers
for Jd Challenger Studio



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