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Jd's 1973 Dodge Charger XSE (Xtreme Special Edition)

Jd and Denise enjoy attending car shows and when time allows they actually enter their 1973 Dodge Charger in these shows.
The Challengers are veryproud that their pride and joy has taken first place in it's class. Every show in which it has beeen entered for a total of 8 trophy's or plaques.

Jd Challenger 1973 Dodge Charger XSE

Jd's 1973 Dodge Charger XSE
at the 2010 Red River New Mexico Classic Car Show.
His was one of over 150 entries.


(See other photos - to come)
Denise gave this to Jd as a Christmas gift in 1998.

Rescued from 'derelict', on the way to the 'crusher', status, it was lovingly restored over a 3 year period to the beauty you see here. It has many customized details from the custom paint color and georgeous white interior, to the beafy 440 magnum with a 6-pac under the hood. Jd's wife says "It is a work of art that takes our breath away every time we look at it.

Challenger 1973 Dodge Charger XSE
Can you say "440 Magnum with a six-pack"?

Jd on the Bondurant Race Track

Challenger 1973 Dodge Charger XSE  First Show
(First place)A few awards at its first show!


4 Trips to Bondurant
Bondurant School of High Performance Racing

Jd successfully completed the following courses, receiving certificates in both grand prix road racing and executive protection driving.

Jd Challenger and Bob Bondurant
Jd and Bob Bondurant after course completion.

Bob Bondurant
Bondurant Racing School •

Bob began teaching at Carroll Shelby's driving school in Riverside, California. Having finally regained his physical abilities, Bob opened his school in 1968 with three Datsuns, a Lola T70 Can-Am car and a Formula Vee.

On February 14, 1968, the doors opened at Orange County International Raceway, near Los Angeles, with three students. The next week there were two students, Paul Newman and Robert Wagner, training for the film, "Winning". Bob was technical advisor, camera car driver, and actor-instructor for the film.

Two years later the school moved to nearby Ontario Motor Speedway, and in 1973 to Sears Point International Raceway near Sonoma, California. In 1983, Ford Motor Company offered to provide vehicles and other support to the school.

Seven years later, on March 2, 1990, Bob's dream of building a purpose-built driver training facility became a reality in Phoenix, Arizona. The school maintains over 200 race-prepared vehicles, sedans, and open wheel cars. The school is the largest facility of its kind in North America.

Today, Bob continues to teach daily, time permitting, and race in select vintage racing events around the country. Whether racing, flying his helicopter or speeding around the course in a Bondurant race prepared car or SuperKart, Bob is still considered the man to beat and the master of maximum car control.

Jd & Bondurant
Certificate - Jd passed this racing course.

Jd Challenger SuperKART
Jd preparing to drive a superKART on the raceway.
Jd Challenger Bondurant raceway
Jd pulls off the raceway after a test race.


Other Racing Studies
Thunderbrid Racing - Phoenix AZ


• Gran Prix Road Racing
• Executive Protection

* see his "Men's Town" area = studio for more Jd info?-?


The Bronco

Challenger 1986 Bronco
Jd's muddy 1986 Bronco after winning 3rd place at a Mud Bog competition north of Taos NM.

Challenger 1986 Bronco Mud Bog
Jd unhooks the chain after being pulled out of the Bog.

...and a little motorcycle time

Jd Challenger Motorcycle
Jd admiring a friends customized harley at one of Jd's art shows in Santa Fe nm. " A guy can dream, cant he?".



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